Inktober 19, Day 15: Legend

Inktober 19, Day 15: Legend

“Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2”

I don’t know if she’ll still be using the Sheikah Slate in this game, but I wanted to give the impression she is navigating along with Link.

(Looking forward to the sequel!)

Inktober 19, Day 11: Snow

🖊, A6 postcard

(Lost so much time at the DMV, the lines were horrible!)

There were many redesigns I did with is. Took a while to get the hands right, had to use my own for reference. I think I may refine some things later with this.

Inktober 19, Day 8: Frail

Inktober 19, Day 8: Frail

0.05 uni pin fine line, A6 postcard

I was aiming towards a cracked, stone like look. It turned out ok, but the Seth Cole watercolor paper started to peel when I layered it with Tombow markers.